Guitars on the Beach 2017

11am Bitter Sweet Harmony - 11:45am Marshall Stapleton - 12noon Jed Robertson - 12:15pm Hot Java - 12:45pm Little Streets - 1pm Cliff Richard AKA Dave - 1:05pm Merry Chapman - 1:15pm Grace Gillan & Jake Miller - 2pm The Blue Deal - 2:45pm G Men - 3:30pm Adam Sweet - 3:50pm Darci

4pm Sand Band Set

Block Buster - Wish You Were Here - 2-4-6-8 Motorway - I Love to Boogie - Rockin' All Over The World - Get it On -Sweet Child o' Mine - Every Rose Has It's thorn - Viva La Vida - Let It Be - My Sweet Lord -- Rave on

5pm In the Summertime performed by Mungo Jerry

5:30pm Joe & The Juice - 6:10pm Slinky Machine - 6:50pm ThreeZeroOneEight - 7:30pm Boson Theory - 8:25pm Shoot The Moon

10pm End

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to Guitars on the beach 2016

Hot Java, Guy Bacon, Cosmic Café Lite, Dead Ground Mu, G Men, Adam Sweet, Little Streets, SEAGLES, Shannon Turner, Kenny Young, THE SAND BAND, Ollie Harris, Jim Lauchlan, Harvey Causley, DeltaTango7, Blues Before Sunrise, The Foxalls, Jed Robertson, the IOU's, Jake Causley, Harry Eastwood, Richard Smith, Chris Bailey, Dave Somers, Phil Star, John Govier & Yawl House Water